Dash Replenishment Through Alexa

Vitamins.io enables automatic replenishment through the mobile app. So you can continue to take your supplements and not worry that they will run out.

Water.io, the Internet of Packaging company, brings a full end to end connected experience for water, vitamins, pharma and CPG companies through an IoT smart packaging platform.


User Experience

With the Dash Replenishment service, ordering the next supplement bottle has never been so smooth and easy.

Vitamins.io Reminds you to take your supplements

Create the positive habit of committing to your health.

Vitamins.io will Replenish your supplements bottle automatically

The app knows when your bottle is nearing it's end and will order the next bottle for you from Amazon Dash Replenishment.

Vitamins.io becomes your health & wellness digital coach

Feel better and take better care of yourself, let Vitamins.io support you in the process

"Just perfect! I usually forget to take my dosage and the reminder really helped me"

Benefits to Supplement Brand

Connect with your customers and live up to your promise of making them feel better with Vitamins.io smart packaging platform.

Know Your Customers

Get to know each and every one of your customers using the Insights Dashboard. Communicate with them directly, send them special offers and promotions while analyzing their data.

Increase Sales

The mobile app reminds the customer to purchase their next vitamins bottle before their current one runs out using a one-click replenishment button. Support cross-selling and up-selling by communicating with customers directly.

Build Brand Loyalty


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The easy and connected experience with the brand establishes a close relationship between the customer and the brand, while supporting additional purchases.


"Does not allow me to forget to take my vitamins"

"Would never remember without the smart cap and app"

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